Since 2017, I have completed scores of writing, editing, and proofreading jobs. 

Faithful to the Church's magisterial teachings, I promote classical practices such praying the mysteries of the Rosary, Eucharistic adoration, Sacred Heart devotions, and pleading the intercession of the saints.
Below are a few exceptionally notable projects I've completed.

I specialize in Catholic content that supports the Church's long history of Beauty and Tradition. 


Never too Late to Love - David Torkington, British Spiritual Theologian, Author and Speaker who specializes in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology.

Far more people have been on pilgrimage to Marian Shrines in the last hundred years, as there were Christians in the first century after the Resurrection.

If they had only done for the modern world, what the first Christians did for the ancient pagan world, then Our Lady would not have had to keep coming back to warn us that God is poised to punish our world for failing to listen to her.

The difference is that we think that we can have it both ways. We think that we can continue to enjoy the material pleasures of the pagan world in which we live, while continuing to enjoy the spiritual benefits of our Catholic faith.

Our first Christian forebears knew they could not. Using the mystery of her Immaculate Conception as his guide, the author leads us back to understand, love and, then embrace the God given spirituality that Jesus Christ introduced into the early Church.

A group of men who had lost hope over two thousand years ago were set afire with love, and hope was reborn within them. Three thousand onlookers were set afire by the same love that brought hope for them, too; a new Church was born.

This book details more clearly than ever the God-given spirituality that Jesus Christ first lived, loved, and practised for himself before introducing it into the early Church.

It details the new Mystical Spirituality that was its heart and soul and shows how it was understood and practised more widely and more deeply in those first Christian centuries than in any other century since.

Divine Nature explores the meeting place of ecology and ancient Christianity, nudging us towards our Edenic roots through thoughtful essays addressing the normalized insanity we live in while endeavoring to show the jaw-dropping wonder of Creation, the indigenous wisdom in the Bible, and how all of that can converge into a sense of hope and irrational peace – the peculiar kind – the kind that passeth understanding.

The Joys and the Hopes: An American Evangelical Discovers Catholic Social Teaching by Erik Schenkle, former Evangelical pastor and missionary to Central Asia and the Middle East; Executive Director of Jesus Film Project, from 2012-18

Troubled by the partisan divide in American public life, an Evangelical leader goes on a research journey and discovers Catholic social teaching. He explores how this rich tradition of Christian thought relates to economics, social issues and the political questions of our day. Enriched by what he has learned, he returns to the key questions: “Who are my political allies? Whom do I vote for?”

Kansas Secrets (Taylor Brooks Mysteries by Andrew Marquardt, author, business founder, CEO, and former trial attorney. 
Kansas Secrets is a legal thriller arising out of sinister behaviors and interests in various business activities. Historical facts (historical fiction) raise doubts about the motivations behind the characters looking to protect their money.
Ignite your faith with SAINT PRAYERS virtual prayer candles! In just a few clicks, you can help spread the Gospel through prayer, increase veneration of the Saints, and financially support the worldwide Missions of the Holy Father.


Dwell not on obstacles but on surpassing.

Is His throbbing Core not our beacon of hope?

      Let us not heed the swells crashing.

             May Stella Maris bring us to placid waters.

Faith’s eyes shine God’s light for the pilgrim’s passing.

Autumn shadows grow long. Skeletons peek through house windows. Scary costumes fill store aisles. But what about that other part of Halloween—the one that claims this is All Hallows’ Eve?

Any Church calendar notes that Halloween falls just before All Saints’ Day, but how do holy and creepy go together? This list will look at saints who met horror with heroic courage. Here are ten saints fit for a Halloween celebration.


Divinity of the Eucharist

Before his own road to crucifixion, Christ told his followers during the Last Supper that the bread and wine were his body and blood, driving home the point that he was the sacrificial lamb in a new Passover. While the "transubstantiation" of the bread and wine into Christ's body and blood is normally invisible, Eucharistic Miracles: God Under the Microscope describes five instances where the substances physically transformed into human cardiac muscle and blood. These phenomena were studied by reputable forensic scientists, universities, and independent labs in Poland, Italy, Mexico, and the US. The linked article provides 1) excerpts from and links to lab reports, including detailed analyses and microscope imagery; 2) interviews with the scientists involved; and 3) other materials for your own exploration, including contact information for the living scientists and the Google Maps locations where you can see the physical Eucharistic hosts in person.