Creative Writing

Specializing in Catholic Theology and Christian Living

Creative writing devotee since 2005. Completed an 18-month "Write for Children" program in 2008 through Long Ridge Writers Group. Published in Family Foundations, BR Parents, Get Born, Louisiana Natural Birth, Listverse, Operando and Taming the Wilds.  

Writing experience: • magazine articles • short stories • children’s books (picture books) • poetry • Catholic theology (daily meditations and saint stories) • interviews • Children’s writing • blog writing (motherhood, natural birth, homeschooling, Christian living)

Catholicism: I grew up Roman Catholic and have embraced the beauty of the Church.  I enjoy continuously learning about the mysteries of the faith. Favorite areas to explore are Church history, Covenant Theology, Theology of the Body, historical fiction, and saint biographies – especially the lives of the mystics. In 2008, along with my husband, I completed a one-week course of “Theology of the Body I: Head and Heart Immersion” (with Christopher West).  I also completed in 2014 the 26-week study, “The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation” (by Jeff Cavins).  

Taming the Wilds published my 2020 article, "Summer Growth"

Listverse published my 2017 article, "10 Eerie Saints Worthy of a Halloween Celebration."