About Me

The written word is a longtime companion of mine.  Whether it’s through personal journaling, mom blogging, relaxed reading, or story reviewing, I’ve found a way to connect with words.  I often appreciate art, music, and photography; however, it’s through words that I best process troubled emotions, share my experiences, learn transforming ideas, and help others clarify intended meaning.

California native who left the West Coast to pursue a college degree. Graduated with a BA, married a Cajun man, and moved to the Deep South, where I’ve raised my ever-growing family (7 kids!) for over two decades.

Primary profession is homeschool mom—I started teaching my firstborn in 2003, and my youngest is not yet school age! Proficient in cooking arroz y frijoles as well as red beans & rice!

John Paul II generation Catholic who completed a bachelor’s degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH. Creative writing endeavors include parenting articles, blog writing, saint stories, and various works centering around Catholic theology and Christian living.