About Me

The written word is a longtime companion of mine.  Whether it’s through personal journaling, mom blogging, relaxed reading, or story reviewing, I’ve found a way to connect with words.  I often appreciate art and music and photography; however, it’s through words that I best process troubled emotions, share my experiences, learn transforming ideas, and help others clarify intended meaning.

My articles have been published in Family Foundations and Baton Rouge Parents magazines, as well as on ListverseI have written for several blogs, including Louisiana Natural BirthThe Silver Tongue Online music blog, The Music Cycle, and Get Born (The Uncensored Voice of Motherhood).  I also founded the album- and concert-review blog, Resonance: Indie Music Vibes (active July 2011 – June 2012). 

I am a mother of seven children and have homeschooled since 2003.  Favorite pastimes include playing board games with family, baking with the kids, walking my Lab-mix puppy, creating photobooks, writing poetry, reading historical fiction, and dining with friends.